What do I need to install?
Nothing. You simply use this web site. Note: Some sites want to install software on your system that intercept your passwords. That sounds like a virus. Beware of websites that transmit a random password.
OK, but random passwords are hard to remember!
Sure. You can choose to print out the matrix and pick one from there. Or you can encrypt your password and send yourself an e-mail.
The password matrix doesn't sound very secure, what about that?
You can use the matrix in many ways. One way is simply to know where in the grid your password is stored. An even more secure method is to use 6 characters from the matrix and then add something to the end, maybe your initials. Only you know what your system is.
Where is my data stored?
YOUR CHOICE!  Encrypt your data and tweet it, then you have a record. Or send your self an e-mail with the link. File it away in a passwords folder. It is virtually impossible to decrypt without knowing the pass phrase.
How is the data protected?
You select a "pass phrase" to encrypt the data with the AES - Advanced Encryption Standard (aka Rijndael) algorithm.
How is a pass phrase different from a password?
A pass phrase doesn't have the requirements for special characters, numbers, etc. Use something personal that only you would know. "Someday I'll get even with Joe from the 3rd grade" If you forget your pass phrase you will not reasonably be able to retrieve your data. That is the whole point in the encryption.
Where is the data encrypted?
Right in your browser's window through the use of Javascript.
How do I retrieve my data?
Easy. Look up your tweet or the e-mail you sent to your self. You could even put the link on your desktop. Only encrypted data is transmitted. Only you know the pass phrase.